Victoria Falls is known as the Adventure Capital of Africa. There is so much on offer and caters for all ages, interests and budgets. Please contact us for Special Offers on booking two or more activities.


A Full Day trip typically starts between 630 & 7am. You will be collected from your hotel and taken to a safety briefing where there will be tea and coffee served, please eat breakfast at your hotel before you are collected. After the safety briefing you will then be transferred to the top of the gorge where you will make your way down into the gorge. The decent is steep and slippery so please wear shoes that can cope with that walk. Depending on the time of year, High water or low water you will raft rapid #1 through to #23. Drinking water will be available in the raft. The walk out the gorge is grueling but a lovely braai lunch, cold waters, soft drinks and beers are waiting for you at the top of the gorge. Best time of the year to raft is August through to November, the water is low, pumping but also very safe. You are normally back in town anytime between 2 and 3pm which gives you time to do another activity that evening should you so wish. Photographs and a DVD will be made of the day and will be on sale at the end of the trip. The river typically closes for a month or so due to being too high anytime between February and March depending on the rain fall from that season.

.           Included – Transfers, lunch and drinks

.           Excluded – National Park Fees of $10 pp

.           Wear clothing that dries quickly, trainers or sandals that are strapped to your feet a cap and lots of sunscreen

.           Please leave all valuables behind at your Hotel

.           Age limit is minimum 15 years old & the life jacket needs to fit securely


Full Day overnight, 2.5 day trips and 5 day trips are available. Clients sleep in tents along the river normally on beaches, all drinks and meals are included in this price. Great for teambuilding groups.

.           Included – Transfers, all meals and limited drinks

.           Excluded – National Park fees, this amount will differ depending on number of days on the river

.           Only waterproof cameras allowed

.           Please leave all valuables behind at your Hotel

.           Age limit is minimum 15 years old & the life jacket needs to fit securely.


An Afternoon Raft Float is available with Sunset drinks and snacks. This activity is done in a big 8-10 seater Raft used for White Water Rafting, they are sturdier, sit higher off the water and can carry a crowd of 8 to 10 people who would like to be together.

A half day Canoe trip is also available; this includes lunch on an island. For this we use 2 man Crocodile Canoes.

Full Day overnight to 3 day 2 night trips are available, camping on islands along the way. Contact us for details on the trip you would like to do.

.           Included – Transfers, Snacks/Lunch/All meals and drinks

.           Excluded – National Park Fees, this amount will differ depending on number of days on the river

.           Wear clothes that dry easily, a cap/hat and lots of sunscreen

.           Please only bring waterproof cameras

.           Suggested age limit is 10 years and above.

SUNSET CRUISES – From $50 pp

There are many Sunset Cruise options as there are a number of different boats on the river, we can cater for any crowd, if you would like a boat booked privately or you would like to be with lots of other people. Contact us for the different options available.

.           Included – Transfers, Snacks/Canapes and Drinks

.           Excluded – National Park Fees of $10 pp

.           Cameras are a must

.           Great for the whole family.


A Breakfast Cruise is a wonderful way to start the day. Renews the soul and is great for birding enthusiasts.

A Lunch Cruise is a lovely picturesque way to spend the warmest hours of the day on the water and escape the bustle in town.

A Dinner cruise is the best value for money cruise, a 3 hour trip that includes sunset, a 4 course meal and all drinks included in the price. Contact us for details on the cruise you would like to do.

.           Included – Transfers, Meal & Drinks

.           Excluded – National Park fee of $10 pp

.           Cameras are a must

.           Suggested age of 4 years and above.


A 2 hour activity which takes place at the airstrip on the Kazangula Road. STC will provide you with a jumpsuit and googles and run through a safety briefing, The light aircraft will take you and your tandem skydive partner up to about a 10 000 ft where you will freefall for about 45 seconds. You will reach a maximum of 200 kph depending on your weight. Maximum weight limit is 96kgs, if you are over that they can take up to 110kgs but an extra $50 will be charged as there are fees associated with carrying a heavier weight. Photos will be taken and put on a stick of your jump.

.           Wear clothing that you can put a jump suit over, trainers that are strapped to your feet and won’t come off during freefall.

.           Please leave all your valuables behind at your Hotel

ELEPHANT RIDES – From $150 pp

A 3 hour trip to be done either early morning or late afternoon. Two guests plus a guide will be on each elephant. This includes transfers, the elephant ride and interaction as well as breakfast for the morning ride or afternoon snacks and drinks. A combination trip can be done with a Lion walk and is great value for money. Please wear neutral coloured clothing and closed in shoes as well as a hat and sunscreen.

.           Included – Transfers, Breakfast/Snacks & Drinks

.           Cameras are a must

.           Wear neutral coloured clothing, hat and sunscreen

.           Minimum age is 4 years and above. Parents are to ride with children under the age of 12.

LION WALKS – From $150 pp.

A 3 hour trip to be done either early morning or late afternoon. This includes transfers, the lion walk and interaction as well as breakfast for the morning ride or afternoon snacks and drinks. A combination trip can be done with an Elephant Ride and is great value for money.

.           Included – Transfers, Breakfast/Snacks & Drinks

.           Cameras are a must

.           Wear neutral clothing, good walking shoes, hat and sunscreen

.           Minimum age is 15 years and minimum height is 1.5 meters tall for safety precautions. Any younger or shorter the lions look at you as breakfast!


Here at the high wire adrenalin activity site you will have the choice of a Gorge Swing which can also be done as a tandem, a Zipline which can also be done as a tandem, Flying Fox, Canopy Tour or you can combined all the activities into a half day Adrenalin activity which is great value for money. Contact us with the activity of your choice. They also have a lovely restaurant & bar open during the day for meals or drinks that has an amazing view of the Batoka gorge.

.           Included – Transfers

.           Wear long shorts for the harness between your legs, shoes that are secure on your feet, a cap and sunscreen

.           Minimum age is 6 years and above.


The Famous Victoria Falls Bridge also known as no man’s land is the link to Zimbabwe and Zambia and this is where the Bungi operation operates from. They have a number of activities on offer one being the famous 111metre Bungi Jump. Other activities on offer are a Bridge Swing, Bridge Slide or a Bridge Tour for those interested in the history of the bridge. Contact us with the activity of your choice. There is a restaurant open daily for meals and drinks that has a view of the bridge. Combination 

packages are available for those wanting to do more than one activity.

.           Bridge Slide Age Limit – 4 years and above

.           Bridge Tour Age Limit – 10 years and above

.           Bungi & Bridge Swing Age Limit – 14 years and above

.           Please bring your passport to gain access to the bridge.


A Helicopter flight over the Falls otherwise known as the Flight of Angels is a great way to see the Falls in all their splendor. The options are to do a 13 minute flight Flight of Angels or a 25 minute flight which is the Flight of Angels as well as a short flight over the game park. Maximum number of people on one flight is 6.

.           Included – Transfers and the option to purchased a DVD of your flight

.           Excluded – National Park Fees of $12 pp

.           Cameras are a must

.           Please do not wear clothing that can fly off whilst walking to and from the Helicopter i.e hat or scarf

.           Great for the whole family

CROC CAGE DIVING – From $ 70 pp


The croc cage diving is done in a manmade pond with three crocodiles, a maximum of 3 people plus a guide go down in a cage using oxygen masks for approximately 10 to 15 minutes to watch the crocodiles swim around and investigate their visitors. There is a Perspex glass in the cage to be able to capture some great photographs of the crocodiles with a water proof camera.

.           Included – Transfers

.           Only waterproof cameras to be taken down into the cage

.           Wear clothes that easily dry or a swimming costume

.           Towels and wetsuits are provided should you wish to use them

.           Suggested Age Limit 6 years and above.

CHOBE DAY TRIP – From $175 pp

A Full day’s activity including all transfers to and from Botswana, approximately an hours transfer each way from Victoria Falls. Chobe is a prominent National Park in Africa and is renowned for its huge herd of elephants and 350 species of bird life. The day will start with a cruise on the Chobe River game viewing, stopping for lunch at one of the hotel along the banks of the river to then end off the day on a game drive in the Chobe National Park. Multiday Camping trips are also available contact us with the time you have to spend in Botswana.

.           Included – Transfers, lunch, park fees, a cruise and a game drive.

.           Excluded – Visas needed to get into Botswana and extra drinks at lunch

.           Wear neutral clothing, hats & sunscreen

.           Cameras are a must

.           Age limit is 4 years and above.

BOMA DINNER  –  From $45 pp

The Boma dinner at The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is a must for the whole family. It’s not just a dinner but an experience with interactive drumming, traditional dancers, fortune tellers, witch doctors, hair braiders, face painters and a selection of buffet style food that will have you coming back for more. The Boma is renowned for its game meat cooked in front of you and the Mopane worms that you get rewarded with a certificate for if you try one. Transfers can be organised for those staying anywhere other than Safari Lodge.

.           Included – All you can eat meal & entertainment

.           Excluded – Drinks, Transfers and tips for the face painters, fortune tellers etc

SIDULI HIDE – From $57 pp

Want to see wild life up close in their own habitat? Watch a troop of Baboons groom each other, (otherwise known as ‘nitpicking’!), watch a herd of Elephants romp and play as they cool themselves off in a mud bath, gaze at a number of birds glide from tree to tree without a care in the world or watch as a crocodile suns itself on the sand banks. Where can you do this safely, comfortably and without disturbing the natural ambience? The Siduli Hide is the answer, a manmade Hide specifically built to blend in with the natural habitat around it………. situated at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Waterhole, famous for its daily ‘wild’ visitors. Guided by an even more legendary Charles Brightman who is the head of the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit, conservationist and widely renowned safari guide. Early morning or late afternoon trips are available..

.           Included – Transfers, Snacks and Drinks

.           Cameras are a must

.           Age Limit suggestion 10 years and above, children need to understand the importance of being quiet in The Hide.

.           Not for people who suffer from Claustrophobia

.           Maximum of 6 people in The Hide at any one time.

GAME DRIVES – From $70 pp

There are two options of game drives, one in the Zambezi National Park which runs along the Zambezi River or the other in a Private Game Reserve ten minutes from town that you have the opportunity of seeing Rhino. Early Morning or late afternoon Game Drives are available. Contact us for details on the two different options of drives.

.           Included – Transfers, Snacks & Drinks

.           Excluded – National Park Fees of $15 pp for Zambezi National Park Game Drive


A Game drive in the Private Game Reserve with a chance of seeing Rhino. The drive starts at approximately 15h30 to then stop and have a four course Bush Dinner and a night drive out of the Park back to their relevant Hotel.

.           Included – Transfers, Four course Dinner & Drinks

.           Age Limit is 3 years and above

GAME WALKS – From $75 pp

There are two options of game walks, one in the Zambezi National Park which runs along the Zambezi River or the other in a Private Game Reserve ten minutes from town that you have the opportunity of seeing Rhino. Early Morning or late afternoon Game Walks are available. Contact us for details on the two different options of walks.

.           Includes – Transfers and Soft Drinks

.           Excluded – National Parks fee of $15 pp

.           Cameras are a must

.           Wear neutral coloured clothing, walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen

TOUR OF THE FALLS – From $18 pp

The Victoria Falls Rainforest can be done on your own or with a guide. If you choose the guided tour of the Falls they will collect you from your hotel, provide a raincoat, a cold bottle of water and a guide to show you around the Victoria Falls.  Lunar Rainbow Tours are available on Full Moon nights but every other day the Falls are open from 6am to 6pm.

.           Included – Transfers, a raincoat, a guide and a bottle of cold water

.           Excluded – Falls entry fee, Foreign Nationality $30pp, Regional Nationality $20 pp,

            Zimbabwean Nationality $7 pp.

.           Bring all cameras and phones in a waterproof ziplock packet, waterproof camera ideal

.           Wear good walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen

.           Good for the whole Family.


Novice and Experienced Horse Rides are available either early morning or late afternoon. Experience a 2 to 3 hour game ride on horseback.

.           Included – Transfers, Refreshments and helmets are provided

.           Excluded – National Park fees of $15 pp

.           Weight Limit of 85kgs

.           Please wear dull coloured clothing, long trousers/jeans, sunscreen and trainers/walking shoes

.           No under 4 years of age. Any child under the age of 10 needs to have ridden a horse at least 20 times. No child is allowed to ride with an adult on the same horse.

ART OF AFRICA – From $50 pp

Armed with brush and paints, a guided observation of the magnificent surroundings absorb and capture the ambiance of the surrounding area. There are a number of options for this painting activity, on the Zambezi River aboard a boat, in a herd of Elephants, at a Local Village, on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, in the Victoria Falls Rainforest, the list is endless. Clients will be taught how to paint by a local painter and will take their paintings home with them as a memoir of Africa in their own shade of expression.

.           Included – Transfers, Refreshments & your painting

.           A great activity for the whole family to enjoy.


Livingstone Island is a 5-10 minutes boat ride from the Royal Livingstone Hotel and is located in the Zambezi River on the edge of the Victoria Falls just before the water thunders down a 103 metre drop. To protect the sensitive environment, only 16 guests may visit at any one time during five daily departures (3 x Morning Breezers, 1 x Lunch time slot and 1 x High Tea). Access is restricted to a maximum of 80 visitors per day so it is highly recommended to book a Livingstone Island Tour in advance.  Return Transfers from Zimbabwe can be done for an extra $10 pp

.           Includes – Transfer from Royal Livingstone Hotel to the island, refreshments and a meal depending on what time of the day you choose

.           Excludes – $10 pp transfer to and from Zimbabwe & any visa to get into Zambia if its required.

.           Wear clothes that dry easily or a swimming costume

.           Cameras can be taken and will be put in a dry bag but please bring a waterproof camera if you have it.

.           Passports are required.

HWANGE DAY TRIP – From $204 pp

Hwange National Park is 160kms away from Victoria Falls. A day trip can be arranged to the park. This includes transfers, drinks in the bus, a game drive in the park, a lunch at a safari lodge and a walk in the park. This excludes National Park fees and is a great activity for the whole family aged 4 upwards.

.           Includes – Transfers, Game Drive, Lunch & Game Walk.

.           Excludes – $15 pp National Park Fees

.           Great for the whole family from 4 years up.

STEAM TRAIN – From $120 pp

This is the ultimate pre-dinner experience, going back in time to the early 20th century. Embark on a journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge in the comfort of your own stately carriage . As the sun sets, enjoy our premium service with the Victoria Falls as your backdrop.

.           Included – Transfers, Canapes and drinks

.           Guaranteed trips on a Tuesday and Friday evening

.           Great for the whole family.